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Dreadnought Double Edge BladesWhen Dreadnought sent over their cut throat razor, they also sent a pack of their double edge razor blades. The Dreadnought double edge blades come in this really awesome plastic razor housing, and you can slide them out one at a time. I definitely love this, and I’m going to keep it for when I travel.

These Dreadnought blades are seriously sharp, and they are one of the better blades I’ve used. They come out of the packaging clean and neither sticky nor oily, as some blades have a tendency to do. This means that you’re going to get a really clean shave and don’t have to worry about gumming up your razor.

However, I have one huge complaint with these blades: the price. Dreadnought, you know I love you, but come on… $5 for 10 blades? 50 cents per razor is seriously ridiculous, considering the price of comparable razors is around 9 cents. That price difference will add up quickly, especially for guys who shave a lot. While I appreciate the cool plastic house that comes with the razors, as opposed to a cheap cardboard box, the price per blade is way too high.

If you don’t mind paying 50 cents per blade, it’s definitely worth the cost. These blades are good enough to make only a single pass across your face, and they are sharp as all get out. They have the universal design, which means these blades will fit basically any razor which uses double edge blades, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Overall, these blades are great but way overpriced. I have no complaints about their performance, but our friends across the pond need to find a way to drop the price before I can justify buying them.

Are the Dreadnought double edge blades worth the higher cost? What do you pay per razor? Compare costs in the comments below.