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Dreadnought Avenger Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes are an essential tool for any wet shaver. However, if you’ve ever looked around at the price of some of the options, you might be discouraged to start wet shaving because you don’t want to drop around $25just under $50or even $60 on a shaving brush. Yikes. However, there are some more affordable options out there, and Dreadnought is here to help. The Dreadnought Avenger shaving brush is their most affordable option when it comes to shaving brushes, mainly because this brush has synthetic fibers, as opposed to the popular badger hair the purists prefer.

However, the Avenger shaving brush isn’t a slouch. As you can tell by the featured image, I gave this brush a serious working when Dreadnought sent it over, particularly when I was working my way through a jar of the Dreadnought shaving cream (which is now dead and gone…RIP). In fact, the shaving cream image has a shot of the brush when it was brand new, which might help you gauge the longevity of the Avenger brush.

The brush is particularly small, which is fine if you’re using the Dreadnought shaving cream, because those jars are also fairly small. Some lines like to sell huge jars of shaving cream because many shaving brushes are larger at the head, and admittedly the Avenger brush was a little frustrating to use with those.

The brush is fairly prickly and rough at first, but the fibers will soften up as you use them. Additionally, because these fibers are synthetic, you won’t have that weird animal-y smell you get with badger hair brushes as you break them in. Functionally, for the price of $15, this shaving brush is a great starter brush for anyone who is looking to try out wet shaving for the first time. For more experienced shavers, I’d recommend sticking with the badger hair brushes, either from Dreadnought (remember, the Avenger is just their starter brush) or somewhere else.

What was your first wet shaving brush? What do you think of synthetic brushes? Let’s talk about it in the comments.