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anthony logistics oil free facial lotion

As a companion to their Algae Facial Cleanser, the Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion is a viable option for guys who want to combine their anti-aging solutions with a moisturizer. This lotion has silk amino acids which will make sure your skin’s collagen levels are up to snuff. It also has glycerin and aloe, two fantastic options for a moisturizer. Additionally, this moisturizer has the same citrus scent as the Algae Facial Cleanser, which I’m a fan of.

As for the cons, this moisturizer lacks any sort of sun protection by means of an SPF guard. This is a big downside, especially for guys who are often outside. Additionally, this moisturizer has two forms of parabens, which some people believe are harmful. The jury’s still out for me, as I can’t decide one way or the other. However, you should know it contains parabens if you’re picky about that stuff.

As far as the use goes, I used this as an after-cleansing moisturizer, and it worked pretty well. My skin was really dry after the cleanser, and this moisturizer did a good job helping bring my face back to life. Hours after the fact, my face still feels great without the oiliness of cheap moisturizers.

The downside, as is usually the case with high-end moisturizers, is the price. Official sellers are charging $27 for this, but it’s also on Amazon for $14 (not sure if that’s an authorized seller, though). Anyhow, in conclusion, the Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion is a great option for anyone who is perhaps mid-30s who wants to start early on anti-aging, while still getting their daily moisturizer in. If you spend lots of time in the sun, I’d suggest something with some SPF protection.

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