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Anthony Logistics Algae Facial Cleanser

The Anthony Logistics Algae Facial Cleanser may look like it came from a river of slime straight out of Ghostbusters 2, but never fear–it’s not. Phew, I know you’re relieved. Anthony Logistics sent this facial cleanser over to try out, and overall I was pretty impressed with it.

As a guy with oily skin, it’s great to find facial cleansers that will dry up my skin, because I have great moisturizers which help balance my skin out. When I wash my face, I don’t want any lingering oils hanging around–and the Anthony Logistics Algae Facial Cleanser does just that. They advertise that this won’t dry your skin out, but I didn’t experience that at all–there’s definitely some drying afterwards.

This stuff lists “algae extract” on its ingredients list, and I’m unsure as to what that exactly means. Some types of algae are skin irritants, but I didn’t get any of that here, so I guess this type of algae isn’t on that list. This cleanser also  has glycerin (often used in shaving creams) and aloe, both of which are great. On the potential downside, this cleanser has propylparaben and Green 3, both of which are additives that some people stray away from.

Nevertheless, whatever your view is on the all natural versus synthetic debate, the results stand alone. This is probably in my top 10 favorite facial cleansers of all time, and it made me feel great each time I used it. I need to use a moisturizer directly afterwards to keep my skin from feeling too dry, but I do that every time I wash it, regardless.

It’s strange that something so turquoise can smell so orange. Ok, terrible joke, but for real–it smells like oranges. It’s great when you’re washing your face because it smells like you shoved your face in a crate of oranges, and it doesn’t stick around after you wash it off.

This cleanser will run you about $30 for the 8 ounce tube (shown), which is a high upfront cost, but will prove well worth it because the tube is larger than it might appear in the photo. For the quality, the price is spot on, and shouldn’t deter you away too much. For a closer look, watch the video review below, and consider subscribing to us on YouTube.

What are your thoughts of the Anthony Logistics Algae Facial Cleanser? Do you have any lingering questions? Put either one in the comments.