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Feb13PlaylistNow that we’re used to writing “2013” on our dates, it’s time for the February playlist for 2013. Nailed it. I found some pretty nice tracks this month, and it’s hard to classify them all into a single genre or a mood like I usually try to do. I’m just going to wing it this month and throw some stuff out there, and if you have any complaints you can go start your own blog. Just kidding, I’m sorry, come back. Let’s be friends. Without further ado (or rambling), here are five songs I found particularly awesome over the past month or so.

1. MS MR: Fantasy

As usual, my only real contribution to these things is to say what something else sounds like. This time, I can say: “This sounds like Florence and the Machine!” So profound. Nevertheless, I’m really digging this track by MS MR which goes from quiet to booming in 0.2 seconds. The background tracks are rich and purposeful, while remaining subtly underemphasized. Yeah, I just wrote that pointless sentence. Is Pitchfork hiring?

2. Jim James: A New Life

Next up is Jim James with his longing track, “A New Life.” What I like about this song is how it slowly builds by adding a new instrument each chorus. The end result is a really full and rich sounding song that is awesome for lounging around.

3. OnlyReal: Blood Carpet

Up next we have the Pixies-inspired band, OnlyReal (one word, apparently) and their track “Blood Carpet.” This song is a great mix of indie rock with some strange rap that I can’t really understand. I think they’re telling me to learn how to write about music.

4. Generationals: Spinoza

When I was born, it was determined that I review this song, “Spinoza” by Generationals. Philosophy joke, anyone? This track is probably better-suited for the summer months, but like I said, this month doesn’t really have a theme and just features some stuff that I’m loving. This song definitely fits in the “stuff that I’m loving” category.

5. Kent Odessa: Honeymoon

This track, “Honeymoon” by Kent Odessa is pretty awesome, but the lyrics are pretty creepy. Kent asks: “What good is a honeymoon when I’m staring in your hotel room?” That’s sort of weird. Nevertheless, I’m going to bop my head and pretend that Kent isn’t stalking me.

What are you listening to this month? Anything worth sharing? Put it in the comments below, why don’t ya?