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Urth Skincare GiveawayIt’s time for another giveaway, this time we’re giving away the much-loved Urth Face Balm. I reviewed this a while back, and I loved it so much it became a daily staple. In hopes of showing you the light, I have six smaller bottles of the balm, ready to give to six lucky winners.

I’m going to try something new with this giveaway, now that they are fairly popular. I’ve heard some concerns about entering via Facebook, which are understandable. Since we’re always trying to improve, we’re going to switch to a form-based entry. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll generate random numbers and choose the corresponding email entries. Easy as that.

If you want to rebel and not fill out the form, you can send an email with your name to contests@electrogent.com with the subject “Urth Face Balm” in order to enter. But really, it’s easier to just fill out the form. I promise that I won’t sell/give away your email address, nor will I put it on a mailing list. I don’t even have a mailing list. I just need some way to contact the winners, and email is pretty universal.

The contest ends Friday, 2/15, so enter now! One entry per person, and I will delete all your entries if you try to submit more than one. Don’t be a jerk about this.

Sorry, this contest is over!