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CXXVI1The folks over at CXXVI have a history of creating some pretty cool shirts and other wares right here in America–New York to be specific–and just like many New York businesses, CXXVI was no stranger to Hurricane Sandy. In addition, like many New York businesses, CXXVI is doing what they can to help raise money for the relief effort. That’s where this shirt comes in.

CXXVI made a disaster relief t-shirt where half of the proceeds go to the relief effort. The shirt was an immediate success, as it is dedicated to “The Unbreakable Spirit of New York.”


You might ask yourself, “Do I really need another t-shirt?” In this case, the answer is probably yes. While this is a t-shirt, you’ll be pleasantly surprised (assuming you don’t already own a CXXVI shirt already) to find that it is remarkably high quality.

The fabric is soft and doesn’t feel like it’s immediately about to fall apart, the lettering on the shirt is supreme and not hard or sticky like on cheap shirts, and the length of the shirt is about 5-6 inches longer in the torso than standard t-shirt sizes (although you might not be able to tell from the photo). This is great for taller, slimmer folks like myself who are 6’6” and struggle with finding the right balance between length and fit.


To make these shirts even cooler, each label on these shirts is hand-stamped with the manufacturing date on it (see the top photo). Mine was made October 3, 2012. I’m a guy who loves details like that, and I appreciate the handmade touch to this shirt. Those handmade details easily justify the $30 price, which is actually cheaper than their other t-shirts, probably explaining the recent spike in sales for these bad boys.

Whether you’re a guy who is looking for a great cause to help out, or you’re into these types of distressed t-shirts, the CXXVI hurricane sandy disaster relief shirt is for you.

What do you think of the CXXVI Hurricane Sandy relief shirt? Do you have any specific questions about fit or quality? Ask in the comments below.