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kyoku_serumThe Kyoku Pore Reducing Serum is a really great way to reduce the size of your pores, which will prevent problems down the road. A big part of skincare is prevention, and as someone who struggled with really bad acne in teenage years (and still struggles a little bit), I know how important it is to try and keep your pores clean. The best pore is a small pore, because big pores will collect tons of dirt and grime. Therefore, if you don’t want to continually fight acne when it pops up, try and prevent it with products like the Kyoku Pore Reducing Serum, as well as a good scrub and face wash.

Now, in particular, this serum is really powerful stuff. It has a pump on the top, and the first time I used it, I used two pumps–about the size of a dime. This was way too much, and after some trial and error I found that half a pump works perfectly for me. The directions say to use this twice a day, but I only used it once a day and saw some great results over a couple weeks of use.

I apply this after I get out of the shower or finish shaving, and then moisturize over the top of it. Because you’re going to double up on the serum and moisturizer, use about half as much of each as you normally would, especially if you have oily skin.

Overall the Kyoku Pore Reducing Serum is a great addition to a skincare routine for guys who are fighting with acne, or who have problems with large pores. The price is really reasonable considering how conservatively you can use this product, as well. Kyoku continues to impress me.

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