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November is by far the best month. Not only was it the month of my birth, but the weather is fantastic and the plants outside are still sporting the awesome fall leaves for the last little bit before they fall off. November is a month of reflection of the prior months of the year, as well as anticipation for the upcoming holiday season. Below are a few songs that are on our November playlist.

1. Rhye: The Fall

This track is simply beautiful. The background piano, paired with the cloud-floating vocals make this song perfect for those days when you want to lay out on a blanket and watch the autumn clouds pass you by. Rhye is absolutely fantastic here, and this is one of my favorite songs of the year, not just the month.

2. Mac DeMarco: Ode to Victory

The electrifying twang at the beginning of this song is so great. Not only will it draw you into this Pixies-esque dream track, but the mood carries through the entire twangy track, which sounds like it was recorded in a garage–in the best way possible. Mac DeMarco is perfect for the month of November.

3. California Wives: Purple

This song by California Wives is a little more upbeat than the others, but I think it still works for the season. Think: going for a drive on a deserted road under the autumnal sun. Maybe?

4. Generationals: Sale City

This dirty and dark track reminds me a lot of Joy Division through its robotic drum beat, monotone echoed vocals, and bumping bass line. Generationals did a really great job with this song, and it works well for November nights.

5. Little Comets: Bayonee

The vocals on this Little Comets track are outstanding, and they are a great juxtaposition against wafting melody. This is everything that is right with autumnal music, and it is the perfect song to round out the playlist.

What’s on your November playlist? Share it in the comments below.