• SumoMe

If you look closely, you’ll notice that our little Electrogent underwent some changes over the last 48 hours that should streamline the experience (hence the Buick). This all happened because Wednesday was totally nuts, comparatively speaking, for the website. We had something like a 2500% increase in viewership, and the day after was about half that. It sort of caught us with our proverbial pants down, but the attention made us take a close look at the website and how we present the content.

Below is a list of a few of the most significant changes we made to Electrogent’s flow:

  1. We removed the ads. Frankly, the benefit derived from the ads didn’t outweigh the burden of having them clutter up the sidebar. I hate websites with tons of ads, and I never wanted Electrogent to become one of those websites with lots of noise. Therefore, I made the executive decision to cut them out. We can revisit the idea later on, if we need to.
  2. We changed the fonts. Post text is now larger and easier to read. All the serif post title fonts are out, and we brought in a custom font to replace it. This change flows with the design better, and it will make Electrogent easily read across multiple platforms.
  3. The sidebar got a makeover. When the ads were gone, it was looking mighty empty over there. We added a section where you can view the latest Electrogent tweet and/or follow us on Twitter, as well as a place where you can like us on Facebook. Below that is a list of the 5 most recent posts, so if you’re ever wondering what’s new you can always take a look on the side.
  4. Added an archive. In order to provide easier access to older articles, we added an archive where you can browse by tag, category, or month.

These changes are by no means the last changes we’ll ever make (that’s a promise). However, given the amount of growth Electrogent has seen over the past year, these changes are where we want to be. We won’t make any money from advertisements, but that’s not the concern right now. You, the reader, are our concern. Without you sticking around to vote in our ridiculous contests and enter our awesome giveaways, there’s really no point to us doing what we do. So, with that, I thank you for sticking around, and hope you enjoy the new ad-free browsing experience.