• SumoMe

In this delightfully-frustrating presentation (for lack of a better description), Brooklyn-based Reggie Watts gives a stream of consciousness speech that sounds like a bad college-level philosophy class. What’s so great about it, is his ability to seamlessly transition between different languages, subjects, and speech patterns without batting an eye. Then, he switches from waxing poetic nothings into literally playing with his verbal sounds and words with various mixing devices.

If you’re a fiend for these TED talks like I am, or if you just like to watch an unusual and passionate artist at work, Reggie Watts will satisfy. He’s a big kid who’s just out there having fun with sounds and language, and entertaining us at the same time. This is just awesome.

What did Reggie Watts just do? Why are we here? What’s the meaning of life? Get orientated in the comments below.