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Stocking Stuffers for MenThe best part of Christmas traditions, for me, is the stocking stuffer. However, it’s often overlooked or people just throw some candy in there. If you’re looking for some fun and affordable ideas, here are 5 great stocking stuffers for men.

1. Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is one of those things you never think about anymore. With the ball point pen and the computer, the art and fun of writing is dying out.

However, a great fountain pen is a gift that will last a long time and perhaps instill a new hobby in the recipient. It will also look great when you whip that bad boy out to sign something like a boss.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and unique, or there’s a guy in your life who just likes to write, a fountain pen is a great option.


2. Shaving Brush

There are tons of options out there for a great shaving brush. However, many guys either don’t have one at all, or they could use an upgrade.

A shaving brush is essential for any good shave, and if your guy doesn’t have a badger hair brush, he probably either wants one whether he knows it or not.

Shaving brushes make great gifts as either a stocking stuffer or a normal gift, and the brush shown from Parker comes with a free stand–which is awesome.

A solid option.


3. Money Clip

Caution! Don’t buy a guy a wallet–chances are, they want to pick this out on their own. The exception to this rule is if they explicitly told you it doesn’t matter what kind of wallet they have, or if their wallet is literally falling apart at the seams and needs a replacing.

However, a money clip is a great way to carry your cash and cards around in a suit with out the bulk of your wallet.

It’s also something that most guys wouldn’t buy for themselves, and makes a great little knick knack gift.


4. Leather iPhone Case

There are plenty of terrible and bulky iPhone cases on the market, many of which are made of foam, rubber, or plastic. They are pretty boring. This Christmas, choose leather and give a gift that is truly awesome.

There are lots of leather cases on the market, and J.Crew released a pretty good version, but as usual they are more expensive than others.

A leather iPhone case is a great way to bring the old school to the new school, and it will also give you that great fade that worn leather is known for.


5. Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are guaranteed to keep nice dress shoes looking and smelling nice, but it’s a really boring thing to buy yourself.

Be sure to check the shoe size and the shoe tree size, because they can be a bit wonky sometimes. You might need a bigger stocking, too.


What are your suggestions for stocking stuffers for men? What do you like to find in yours? Link to your ideas in the comments below.