• SumoMe

Fall is starting to take hold, and the sweaters are coming out of storage. Let’s watch the leaves change colors and fall from the trees with some October tunes.

1. Guards: Silver Lining

This optimistic song is a perfect way to bring in the new season and start this playlist off. This track by Guards is fantastic at creating that echoing, dreamy music that is perfect for watching someone fall into a pile of leaves in slow motion.

2. Tennis: Guiding Light

Ever feel like getting on your bike and going for a long ride through the leaf-littered streets? Listen to this song by Tennis, and it will happen for sure.

3. Patrick Dillett: Who

Any time David Byrne is in a song, you can be sure it will border on the weird-awesome. This is no exception. Patrick Dillett does a great job of mixing a wide array of seemingly-irrelevant sounds into a cohesive and great song. Play then when you’re feeling strange.

4. The Whigs: Waiting

This upbeat tune sounds like it came straight from a garage on a nice cool afternoon, and The Whigs do a great job of making a song that works just as well for summer as it does for the ensuing autumn.

5. Wild Nothing: Shadow

This dreamy track is great for those cool fall afternoons that I’m so fond of. Wild Nothing does a great job here of integrating various stringed instruments for a really fantastic track.

What are you listening to this month? Share your favorites in the comments below.