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We’ve all seen them: fingers flailing, head banging, hair flying, overly-exaggerated movements–we’re talking about air guitar, people. Whenever that fateful “Freebird” solo hits, there’s inevitably at least one guy who becomes possessed with the impulse to play a fictional guitar. He’s either the life of the party, or performing a ridiculous and dated act that makes him seem either childlike or obnoxious. It brings up the question: is playing air guitar manly? Or is it a boyish thing of the past?

The case for manly: Fun. That’s all this is about. If someone has fun by pretending they are the rock god wailing on a guitar and making crowds go nuts, why is that necessarily “unmanly?” In fact, there are even competitions where (mainly dudes) crowds legitimately have fun and get into it (see right). It shouldn’t matter how ridiculous the act is, if people are having fun with it, that’s merely living life to its fullest–and what is unmanly about that?

The case for not manly: Fun is all well and good. You know what else is fun, and perhaps more fun than air guitar? Playing a real guitar. In no way is air guitar more fun than actually playing a guitar. Who would watch some mimes play fake baseball? Why would anyone go nuts over a fake painter? Who would show up to watch a fake pianist? If it’s something you can actually do, then actually do it. Sure, there’s a bit of acting and drama involved, but save that stuff for fighting dragons and performing a literary work. If you’re just playing a fake guitar, you’re probably just shirking the responsibility that comes with learning to play and actually performing with a guitar, and that’s not manly.

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Manly or Not Manly: Air Guitar

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