• SumoMe

LooperRian Johnson’s work, “Looper,” is one of the best films of the year. As a fan of the dystopian genre, I was excited to go see it in the theater, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Honestly, except for time travel, I wasn’t entirely sure what the movie was about. Walking in cold, without many details, it really the best way to go.

The storytelling is fantastic, and every little out-of-order scene actually means something (much like the 2000 film, “Memento,” but not as disjointed). The basic premise of the film is how the future world deals with and uses the newly-invented time travel devices. A looper is someone in the past who receives people from the future to kill and dispose of. The entire film is ripe with cause and effect questions that go largely unanswered, but this isn’t a piece of philosophy and honestly I’m glad that when those questions came up the characters basically said, “It’s complicated, let’s not sit here all day talking about this.” Because really, the concerns aren’t too crucial to the story.

Rehashing the plot is both boring and it will likely ruin the film for you. However, you should really not cheat yourself out of a great experience by waiting for this to come out on DVD. “Looper” is as memorable as it is beautiful, and everyone who likes dystopians, thrillers, or unique films in general should go see it soon. You won’t be disappointed.


What did you think of “Looper?” Let’s talk about it (no spoilers, please).