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Lock Stock and Barrel Shave Oil

So you may remember that we gave away two bottles of the Lock Stock & Barrel Argan Blend Shave Oil, but I figured this stuff should get some more attention by way of a review. Lock Stock & Barrel has a pretty killer lineup that we’ve covered at length, and the shave oil is no exception to this general rule.

To start, all oils are basically the same in consistency–it feels like an oil (obviously). What makes this oil unique is that it is thicker than some other competitors, which is great because really thin oils have an annoying tendency to get all over your hands, arms, and counter top, which makes washing these areas a pain. While this shave oil doesn’t defy the laws of physics and mix water and oil, it will certainly make it easier to clean because it doesn’t run everywhere.

Additionally, as with many oils, if you’re using one of those newfangled 5-blade cartridge razors, you will likely muck it up. Just another reason to make the switch. Washing your cartridge razor of the oil will prove a difficult task, but that’s not really the oil’s fault.

Overall, this oil is great because it will keep your skin from feeling dry and cracked after your shave. Everyone I’ve talked to who used this product has loved it, including myself, and always for these reasons. Oils, like this, allow for great precision in your shave because you can see through them, and you can see your skin before you shave it. I mean, granted, with lathering products you can always just shave the lather and know what you haven’t cut, but oils give you the unique chance to see your skin as you shave it. This means fewer passes and fewer missed spots of hair.

If you’re looking for an oil that will give you one of the best shaves ever, you should consider this one as a main contender. You won’t regret it, unless you use a cartridge razor, in which case you’re going to have a fun time trying to clean it.

What do you think of the Lock Stock & Barrel Argan Blend Shave Oil? Do you have any questions about its efficacy? Let’s talk in the comments below.