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Kyoku Facial ScrubKyoku is a new brand for me, and I admittedly knew very little about them when they offered to send me some samples of their line. The first product I dove into was the Kyoku Facial Scrub, as I have used a great deal of facial scrubs in my time. The Kyoku Facial Scrub won a few awards for being awesome, and so I was excited to get started.

As usual, the first thing I did was check out the ingredients. Volcanic ash? Walnut shells? Goats milk? Okay, I’ve read some pretty awesome ingredient lists in my time, but this one is seriously cool. I mean come on: how often do you interact with volcanic ash and walnut shells at the same time?

Next I gave it the ol’ smell test. It smells very nutty, like walnuts (go figure). It has absolutely no chemical smell to it, which is great, and it couldn’t smell more like something that some awesome dude would grind up in a bowl in the woods and bathe in. I mean that in the best possible way.

But really, it comes down to use, right? There are generally two kinds of scrubs in this world: ones that rip your skin off because they’re so coarse, and ones that feel like hand soap with sand in it. The Kyoku Facial Scrub is a really great happy medium between the two. It is strong enough to get the job done, but it is still soft enough to not make you feel like your face is undergoing a sand blasting. This is good and bad. It’s good if you’re looking for a daily scrub (you don’t want to scrub too often, you need to let your skin regenerate itself) for guys who sweat a lot, but it’s bad if you’re using it as your once-a-week scrub because I don’t think it’s strong enough to give you the super deep clean you need every week. This works well for the line, however, because Kyoku has a masque for that (review to come soon).

So, in conclusion, the Kyoku Facial Scrub really lives up to its awards for being best in the scrub category (read more about it on the Kyoku website). Use it every 3-4 days for that casual cleaning and you’ll notice great results over the long-run. Well done, Kyoku.

What do you think of the Kyoku Facial Scrub? Have you used it before, or do you have any specific questions? Put it all in the comments below.