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Toronto-based Crown Shaving Co. contacted me last month and asked if they could send me over some of their shave cream. Despite the fact that I have more shaving products than I can handle right now, I said “sure, send some over.” Admittedly, I knew literally nothing about them, and I like to review products where the company’s reputation doesn’t precede it. Crown Shaving Co. is definitely one of those companies, and I was excited to try out their stuff.

The first thing I noticed was the marketing–completely solid (ignore the dirty jar in the featured image, I took that photo after a few uses). With a motto like “For vagabonds, gentlemen, and ruffians,” what’s not to love? Crown Shaving Co. is a family-owned barbershop and shave supply store, and all their products are made in small batches and hand-bottled. I’m a big fan of this sort of initiative.

This shaving cream looks like your typical glycerin-based shaving cream, but it applies much thicker than most other glycerin-based shaving creams. It also smells fantastic, like a jar of mint, and it’s also free of artificial fragrances. The smell comes literally from crushed up spearmint leaves and rosemary. Fantastic. You won’t have to worry about those nasty fragrance chemicals drying out your skin.

When I used it, as I said before, I could tell it was really thick. This is great, in my opinion, because I personally dislike really light shaving creams. It only takes a bit to really get a nice lather going with your brush, and this 8 ounce tub should last even the heavy shaver a few months. Overall, I put this in my top 5 shaving creams to date, and that is saying a lot. No real complaints here, and if you’re on the fence about picking some up, I say: go for it.

What do you think of the Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream? Do you have any lingering questions? Ask in the comments below.