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Billy Jealousy Whipped CreamWhipped cream? I thought they sent me over some shaving supplies. Oh… wait. Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream is not for your pie or your hot chocolate, but for your face. It literally feels like you’re putting culinary whipped cream on your face, which is an interesting change from the run-of-the-mill shave creams out there. However, when applied to a brush it quickly lathers up and stays lathered. No drying out or sloughing off the brush with this stuff.

Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream close-up

A close-up shot of the whipped cream.

The jar is massive, and after a few uses I haven’t even made a dent in the supply–it should last around 100 shaves, if not more. This is an incredible value, as it runs around $22, which means you’re looking at less than a quarter per shave, or less. Considering the shave is top notch, that’s pretty awesome.

The cream comes sealed, so you know your first shave will be as fresh as possible. It also has slight tinges of lavender, which is better than the generic soap smell, and it isn’t overpowering to the point of obnoxiousness.

Every time I used the cream it was very unobtrusive, which is exactly what you want. No tugging of the hairs, no mucking up my razor, no stubbornness when you try to wash it off, and most importantly no drying my skin out.

In these product reviews I always try to find something negative to say, but honestly my first review of Billy Jealousy has made this a difficult task. The Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream is absolutely lights out fantastic, and considering its power and size it is one of the best deals in shaving.

Bravo, Billy, bravo.

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