• SumoMe

We’re almost through the hottest part of the year, folks. August is done, and Fall is on the way. Let’s wind down a bit from the heat and ease our way into the cool days ahead of us. The following songs are great companions for doing just that, but still work well with the not-so-hot Fall days.

1. Dan Croll: From Nowhere

This is the debut single for Dan Croll, who is currently working on an album to accompany this song (which is planned for 2013). This track is great because it retains the summery feeling while still passing as a song to lay in the leaves to. A great first track for this transition in seasons.

2. Divine Fits: What Gets You Alone

For those days when you really just need some rock without wanting to go nuts about it, you have Divine Fits. This track is full of great elements, everything from guitar riffs to melodic background string accompaniment.

3. Capital Cities: Nothing Compares 2 U

This Sinead O’Connor cover has been turned around 180 degrees to a dance-type song from a depressing and melancholy sad song. Capital Cities did an amazing job transforming this track, and they really turned it into a great anthem for driving around and singing (alone).

4. Saint Motel: Puzzle Pieces

What a fun song for a summer’s day at dusk, as the day cools off and you can lounge around. Saint Motel is one of my favorite bands of the summer, and this track is no exception to my affinity.

5. Poolside: Why You Wanna

To close this playlist out, we end with a song that couldn’t be any more perfect for summer–“Why You Wanna” by Poolside. Not only is the band’s name indicative of the season, but this track’s background music puts you right on an island. This song is a must-listen for any end-of-summer playlist.

What about you? What are you listening to this month? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.