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It’s football Sunday, and I really want my girlfriend to watch football with me. She hates football, though. What is a good way to convince her? 

-Nick from Chicago

So you say your girlfriend hates football? What exactly about it does she hate? Is it boring for her? Does she not know anything about the rules? Do you turn into a moody jerkwad if your team is losing? I used to hate watching football games on TV as well. This changed when I went to a university where football was a huge part of the academic culture. (Hook ‘em Horns!) I became more interested in the game because Electrogent and I would go to our favorite bar, get chips and salsa and margaritas, and he would patiently explain what was happening. He never made me feel bad about not knowing what was going on, and I can now watch football games without being bored out of my mind.

If you want your girlfriend to watch football with you, go somewhere fun to do it. Head out to your favorite bar that’s showing the game. It helps if the bar also serves food. I don’t know about your girlfriend, but I’m in a much better mood when I have a full stomach. Also, going to a neutral location means that she’ll feel like you are going out and spending time together rather than sitting around on the couch watching TV. Next, if she doesn’t understand anything about football then helpfully explain to her what’s going on. Don’t lose your patience if she doesn’t get it right away.

Finally, (and this is important), DO NOT turn into an angry jerk if your team starts to lose. I get it. You’re disappointed.  You feel invested in the success of your favorite team. But your girlfriend doesn’t care about that. All she sees is that you’re turning from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, and you’re probably taking your frustration out on her. If your team starts to lose and you feel yourself getting angry, then step back, take a deep breath, and remember that it’s just a game. Your girlfriend’s feelings are more important than whether your team wins or loses.

(Also, a little bribery couldn’t hurt either). If she agrees to go watch the game with you, then tell her you’ll go shopping with her next weekend. No backing out either. If she absolutely does not want to go, then don’t push the issue. It’s also good for couples to get some “me” time away from each other every now and then.


Where is a good place to go on a second date? Does casual dining count?

-Gary from Penang

Don’t feel pressured to make the second date something super special. You know she likes you, or she wouldn’t have agreed to go on another date with you. The second date should be used to talk and get to know each other better. A casual dining restaurant would be just fine for that. Take her someplace where you don’t have to get really dressed up, or she might think you’re taking things too fast. One note though- stay away from chain restaurants like Friday’s or Red Lobster, etc. Find someplace that’s casual, but locally owned. That will show her that you gave the date some thought.