• SumoMe

Gentlemen: listen up. This is the real deal. No frills, one blade, chrome-built, and simple as a pencil. This is shaving at its finest. The good folks at The Motley hooked me up with this Merkur DE safety razor and there’s no looking back for me. While this might not be the fanciest double-edge razor, it certainly does the job better than anything I’ve found.

The unit comes with one Merkur brand razor, which fits easily into the head by simply unscrewing it and putting the pieces back on. This is pretty standard. The Merkur razor is super sharp, and it does a great job of cutting through anything. I tested it out on a patch of my thigh hair when I first got it (yeah, I know) because I didn’t need to shave that day, and it basically melted my hair off.

After a couple days of letting my facial hair grow out longer than I’d usually let it (for the sake of testing), I lathered up with some leftover Dreadnought shaving cream and went to town. Lawdy lawdy, this thing was for real. Granted, I had to make two passes on my hair, but that is pretty standard for a single blade razor. Lucky for me, I legitimately enjoy shaving thanks to my position as a spoiled editor of a grooming blog, so it wasn’t a huge deal. However, despite my two trips across my face, the end result was way better than one pass of a cartridge razor.

This razor is unique in that it is light enough to maintain a high level of accuracy in shaving, but heavy enough to fall with gravity so that you don’t shave off the top layer of your skin and get some nasty razor burn. Additionally, the fact that it is made out of chrome means that it is resistant to rust, so you can wash it off without fear of shaving with a rusty razor (which is seriously never a good idea…unless you want tetanus).

If you’re still using cartridge razors, or if you’re in the market for a new safety razor, I strongly recommend you give this one a shot. The shave is great, but the financial benefits are greater (you can get 100 Double Edge Safety Razor Blades for $9.38…compared to like $25 for 5 cartridge razors). I strongly recommend this razor to beginners and experts alike. This razor seriously rocks, and I can’t wait to keep on using it as my workhorse razor for many years to come. If you want more information on it, check out The Motley’s product page for the razor.

Do you have any specific questions about this razor? Have you used it before? Voice yourself in the comments below.