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Not to mention, luggage without wheels makes a nice seat for a traveling partner.

You’ve all seen it: those guys at the airport with their huge, brightly-colored, plastic-based rolling luggage closely following them as they make their way to their next destination. This trend over the past few decades is straying away from the luggage of old, where suitcases reigned supreme, and they were carried rather than rolled.

Certainly there are benefits to the rolling design for people without arms, the elderly, and so on, but what does it mean for able-bodied guys? Is using these rolling suitcases manly or not manly?

The argument for manly: Wheels aren’t manly? Really? Wheels were one of the first inventions ever created, and since then they’ve been used in everything from cars to bicycles to now, luggage. Wheels are inherently good for transporting items, especially those which weigh a significant amount (and luggage can get pretty bulky). Using the wheel to make life easier is absurd–what’s next? Pulleys aren’t manly because they use a wheel? Additionally, the fact that these new luggage bags are made out of plastic simply means we’re using the latest technology to prevent scuffs, hold more weight, retain shape, and still weigh less than those bulky all-leather suitcases from the stone ages. Get with the times. If rolling luggage is so bad, you can always use the handle on the luggage and carry it.

The argument for not manly: Just like flying a kite, pulling some rolling luggage involved a limp, useless arm, daintily holding something. There are few actions less manly than some noodle arm pulling something along the ground. There’s no dispute that wheels aid transportation. However, that doesn’t mean we should add wheels to everything (see: heelys). Able-bodied, capable men should carry their own luggage for a few reasons. First, you won’t ever have those stupid moments where your luggage flips over off its wheels and you stop the foot traffic behind you. Secondly, you become more conscious in what you pack (since you’re going to carry it all), so it encourages the good habit of packing light. Third, it will make you stronger–just like you should take the stairs over the escalator, you should carry your luggage over rolling it. Rolling luggage is great for those who need it, but if you can carry your bags you should aim for a suitcase or duffel bag, and travel like a man.

What do you say readers? Are rolling suitcases manly or not manly? Does it depend on some other set of facts? If so, explain in the comments.

Manly or Not Manly: Rolling Luggage

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