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You may remember the name “Dreadnought” from my review of their shaving cream. Well, it turns out that not only is their shaving cream great, but the company is staffed by some really nice guys as well. Particularly, I’ve remained in Dreadnought’s marketing manager, Justin Bullock. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about himself and Dreadnought, which I reproduced below.

Electrogent: Please introduce yourself for those who might not know you or Dreadnought.

Justin: I’m Justin Bullock the Marketing Manager for Dreadnought. Dreadnought is a new premium men’s grooming company that has just hit the US – manufactured with pride in the UK, Dreadnought is designed for real men with real stubble.

E: Dreadnought is an awesome name―is there any significance behind it?

J: Dreadnought has two definitions in the dictionary. 1, A person who fears nothing; 2, One that is among the largest and most powerful of its kind – What better way to describe our users.

The Dreadnought warehouse.

E: What’s the difference (if any) between Bluebeard’s Revenge and Dreadnought?

J: Same great product but new branding exclusively for the American market.

E: What’s the story behind the company’s foundation?

J: Dreadnought is a rebrand from the UK and European market exclusively for Americans. We wanted to offer the US products that delivered and also one they weren’t afraid to have In their bathroom cabinet.

E: What inspired the product and company?

J: Millions of men all over America (and the world) share a common problem – they suffer from tough stubble that defies the attentions of every shaving product known to man, and blunts the edge of even the keenest razor. These men are known as “Blue-Beards.” These testosterone filled men, with jawlines of sand paper tough stubble, have suffered for eternity down to their masculine beard growth! Thus Dreadnought was created.

E: What makes Dreadnought different from the other shaving products?

J: Look at us on any grooming shelves and you can instantly see the difference between us and the other brands. With a massive Spartan logo and bold packaging we are unique. Team that up with a quality product and you’ve got all you need for the perfect shave.

E: If you weren’t involved with Dreadnought, what would you be doing?

J: I played football (soccer) at a high level when I was younger and then went into coaching, I had a short stint coaching in LA and loved it so I would probably be back out there.

E: Where do you see Dreadnought in 10 years?

J: We see Dreadnought in 10 years to be one of the leading grooming brands in the US. Not limited to shaving we would have aftershave cologne, body washes and anything else associated with fine men’s grooming.

E: As the marketing manager, if you could have any living person endorse your product, who would it be and why?

J: Ryan Gosling can really rock the clean-shaven look, and he is extremely talented as well. However, Dreadnought can also work for the James Bond types, like Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig. Any man out there who appreciates a good, thorough shave  to perform at his best could potentially endorse Dreadnought.

Boxes of awesome shaves.

E: What is the worst current shaving trend you see in the industry now?

J: One of my biggest pet hates is cartridge razors, not only is the cost of them excruciatingly painful but the thought of 6 blades over my skin is enough to bring me up in a rash. I would like to see more emphasis on prep as a shave begins long before cream surrounds your face.

E: Dreadnought/Bluebeard’s does a lot for male-oriented cancer. Was there a specific event that inspired you guys to do that?

J: A survey commissioned by Orchid (Male cancer charity) revealed that three quarters of men recognize that a lump in the testes could be a sign of testicular cancer – but 25% still never check their testes. The survey also found that nearly one in three (30%) are not even aware they can check themselves for lumps. This in stark contrast to women, who are more likely to take it into their own hands – only 7% of them say they don’t check their breasts.

There was a firm believe with us on finding out this information that we should try and drive people to check themselves as at the end of the day it could save their lives!

Thanks to Justin Bullock for his time and answers. Dreadnought is a great shaving line which I continue to use, long after my initial review of the product. If you’re looking for more information, head over to their website and learn more.

Do you have any questions for Justin? Ask him in the comments below.