• SumoMe

Flying Lotus, for whatever my opinion is worth, is one of the most talented musicians around. Classifying his music in a genre is near impossible, not only because his work is so diverse, but because he really should have his own genre. Flying Lotus simply is Flying Lotus.

Set to release a new album in October, Flying Lotus released a video for one of his new tracks off the album. Directed by Kahlil Joseph, a man almost as diverse in interest as Flying Lotus, this film very beautifully plays on the theme of death as “the quiet” that is coming for us all. The way in which the dead’s soul arises up during a period of (seeming) suspended animation and rolls away in a low rider is quite compelling. Not only does it draw from the traditional notions of death, but it illustrates it in such a widely-applicable way that anyone can understand.

The video is slightly disturbing, and at times outright frightening, no doubt. However, the sheer beauty in the way it is presented on film, paired with the melodic sounds of Flying Lotus, couple for a really great piece of film.

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