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This is my first encounter with a product from the Baxter of California line. Despite the fact that Baxter has been around since 1965, I’ve never been lucky enough to try one of their products out. My good friends at The Motley sent me over this jar of Baxter clay pomade, and I can certainly see why the brand has longevity and a cult following.

You may remember my first encounter with grooming clay earlier this summer. It was a grooming-altering experience, and it the clay quickly became one of my favorite hair products around. Well, knowing that Baxter has their own clay, I was eager to select it for sampling to see how it compared to my last brand. In short, it fared well…very well. My main complaints with my first clay were remedied with Baxter’s clay. Namely, Baxter’s clay is not overly hard/stiff, it washes off my hands easily, and it doesn’t clump up.

Some clay products are so hard and stiff that it is hard to spread it around on your hands to get proper coverage. This is sort of obnoxious, and results in using too much clay because you have to dive bomb your finger into the stuff. Baxter’s clay is much softer, which means you can portion the clay out easily so you don’t walk around with rock-hard hair.

Secondly, this clay washes off my hands (and out of my hair) much easier than other clay-based products. Until you use a clay, you won’t totally understand how annoying it is to have this stuff stuck to your hands. I remember using the back of my nails on the other clay to try and scrape it off my hands. Not so with Baxter; it will wash off with soap and water pretty easily (but not as easily as a cream). This is just a characteristic of clay products in general, but it also means they have a stronger hold, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Lastly, Baxter’s clay doesn’t clump up. If the clay is too hard, it becomes harder to spread around on your hair and through your hair, which leaves clumps. Baxter’s clay has the consistency of partially-melted butter, which allows you to spread it around with a good amount of ease and efficiency.

Overall, the Baxter clay pomade is magnificent, and I know I’ll use it to the very end (much like the other clay I used). If you’re interested in one of the best clay-based products for a high hold and low shine, I can’t think of a better product. Get more information from The Motley, and consider picking some up for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Have you used this clay pomade before? Do you have any questions or comments? Let’s discuss it in the comments below.