• SumoMe

It’s July, and it’s hot out there. Summer is in full swing and all anyone wants to do is try and stay cool. As a Texan, I’m with you there. Therefore, I bring you some tracks that are sure to keep you chilled out and feeling cool.

1. Little Dragon: Sunshine

This track is by one of my favorite artists these days, Little Dragon. This ultra-chill song is just upbeat enough to maintain your attention but not such that you’ll start sweating from rigorous dancing. Put some more ice in your drink and let’s keep this chill train rolling.

2. Chris Cohen: Caller No. 99

Chris Cohen is channeling his inner Nick Drake in this dreamy track that works just as well for July beach bums as it does for city folks at the pool.

3. Milano Sun: Vertigo

This is a really catchy poppy track from Milano Sun that makes you sort of feel like you’re in a 1980’s convertible car trip montage. Or maybe that’s just me.

4. Woods: Cali in a Cup

This is an excellent track for those who need some old rusty harmonica in their day. Woods does a great job at capturing the preteen Pete and Pete excitement for summer.

5. Aan: I Don’t Need Love

Last but certainly not least is Aan, who put out this really excellent summery track with a great beat to it. This is one that I can listen to quite a few times in a row without getting annoyed of it, mainly because I hear something new each time I listen to it.

What’s on your playlist this July? Spread the word in the comments below.