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If there’s one general rule I have about my grooming routine, it’s that I never use bar soap. To me, bar soap is one of the most inconvenient, ineffective, and impractical ways to clean your body. You always drop it, it melts to your shower surface, it’s easy to miss spots on your body, and it leaves a layer of soapy film on your skin afterwards. Sounds like a loser method. However, to all rules there are exceptions. You saw one exception earlier this year for bar shampoo. I now present you with another exception.

Calling Portland General Store’s deep cleansing bar “soap” is doing it a huge injustice. This is as much “just soap” as Van Gogh’s Starry Night is “just a painting.” Am I going a little over the top right now with all this? Yeah, probably. But I really am excited about this deep cleansing bar, because I have a new best friend.

Yes, the bar is “soap” in that is cleans your body like soap would; what makes it different is pumice. Pumice is solidified volcanic rock. This is very gritty and like a very very fine sandpaper to the touch. Why would I want to bathe with sandpaper, you ask? Because it’s not sandpaper, it’s soap.

Here’s the deal: this bar is basically a solid form of a facial scrub, but much coarser than those. When you use this cleansing bar, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference compared to the other guys who make that slimy stuff. This bar washes off completely (you can even see the black water go down the drain) and it leaves your skin literally squeaky clean. This is great to use on your feet because feet are notorious for dead skin cells hanging out on the surface, and this bar will wipe all those away.

Clearing out your dead skin cells on the top of your skin allow you to make new and fresh skin–which means it will feel better to the touch. I have explicit instructions from Lisa (the lady whose signature is on the front) to not use this on your face–stick with scrubs meant for the face.

Every once in a while I get a product that really excites me, and this is one of them. It will cost you more than something lame like  Dial, that’s for sure. However, you really are getting what you pay for here. The Portland General Store deep cleansing bar is worth getting excited about, and you really should try it out for yourself to see what I’m talking about. Head over to their store to pick some up.

Have any specific questions about this lava bar? Let me know in the comments below.