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The hits keep coming with Lock Stock & Barrel’s Pucka Grooming Creme. The creme is ranked a 3 hold, so it will be less than their Matte Clay, but more than their Volumatte Powder. I was interested to try this out, now that I’ve experienced the highest and lowest holds from Lock Stock & Barrel.

The smell is the same as the rest of their products, and is very minimal. This consistency between the products is great because you don’t want a shampoo that will interfere with the smells of your other hair stuff. That’s no good. The feel of the creme is just that–a creme. I thought of how to describe it, and I’d say it feels sort of like a sunscreen consistency. This is good because it won’t weigh your hair down.

When I went to use it, I immediately saw that it would show up a bit in my hair. This might be because I have black hair, but it will leave small clumps of white creme if you don’t pay attention, so you need to be sure to run a comb or your hands through your hair to break them all up. This isn’t too big of a deal though.

The hold will last all day, and it won’t show up too much. This creme is good as a finishing touch to a stronger holding product, or on its own for guys who want the natural look.

The video on the right, made by the good people at The Motley, does a really good job at explaining how to use this product along with Lock Stock & Barrel’s clay. Granted, that hairstyle is pretty involved and I have neither the gumption nor skill to try to do that to my own hair, but for you pros out there it might be helpful to illustrate what the creme does.

I still prefer the clay to the creme, but don’t think that I don’t like this product. Lock Stock & Barrel consistently impresses, and this is no exception. Head over to The Motley if you want to pick some up for yourself.

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