• SumoMe

I’ve had some pretty good fortune over the past couple weeks to try some really great shaving products. I’m pleased to bring Dreadnought to the list. Not only did they send over a jar of their shaving cream, but also their pretty cool “avenger” shaving brush to boot (thanks, guys). FYI: they also have a pretty sweet razor that I’d love to get my hands on–nothing is more manly than a double-edge razor with that helmet on there.

Dreadnought is a new brand in America , and is known in the UK as The Bluebeard’s Revenge. Dreadnought targets “real men with real stubble” because their shaving cream has a secret ingredient that reduces the appearance of stubble after a few months of use, so that means you’ll get more out of your shaves.

The shaving cream has a soapy smell to it, which is good because you don’t need scented shaving cream–that’s ridiculous. It’s really light and fluffy to the touch, so it doesn’t feel like you have mud on your face, which is good because you don’t want some thick and gritty stuff in the nooks of your razor. To apply it, just get a brush and apply an almond-sized dab on there, add some water to load your brush, and go to town.

When testing a cream out, I usually let it sit for about a minute after I apply it to test the strength of the lather’s staying power and the ability for it to stand the hairs up. The lather lasted for an above-average time, and the effectiveness of making my hairs stand up was excellent. I think that’s where this shaving cream excels, and it’s the most important part. The shave afterwards is excellent, and my skin is really smooth with minimal irritation. This is good because I let my facial hair grow a couple extra days because I knew I was going to test this shaving cream.

Overall this shaving cream is pretty great, and I don’t know how you can go wrong with it. A jar will last you 50 shaves if you follow the directions, and at only $19 that’s only 38 cents a shave–a price I have a hard time thinking can be beat with this high quality of a shave. Dreadnought rules, and so does their logo. If you’re looking for a trusty stand-by in the shaving world, consider Dreadnought your knight in shining armor (bad joke, it was too easy).

Have you used Dreadnought before? Do you have any questions? Your input goes in the comments below.