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Frank Sinatra

“That’s Life”

When I hear the words “Frank” and “Sinatra” I think of one word: boss. If you haven’t heard of Sinatra, I hope this knocks the rock over that you’ve been living under.

Sinatra is one of the greatest American singers and showmen of all time, focusing on bravado and a singing style that is more charm than anything else. Not only was this featured song wildly popular, but he is also famous for “The Best is Yet to Come,” “The Lady is a Tramp,” and “I’ve Got the World on a String,” among many many others.

What I find so fascinating about Sinatra is not just his music, but his example of manliness. His daughter once wrote: 

“I was always fascinated by the pockets. Everything has its own little home, neat and tidy. The white linen handkerchief in the inside pocket. The little mints. The individually folded tissues. And the money clip. In the old days, it was just a regular pointed paper clip. Now it’s gold. Inside the clip, which resides in the pants pocket, are hundred dollar bills, folded into small squares, so as to be discreetly pressed into hungry palms. In the realm of tipping, or duking, as Frank calls it, his legend towers. True lore: Parking attendant brings around Frank’s Dual-Ghia, Frank asks him what his biggest tip ever was, kid says a hundred bucks, Frank dukes him two hundred, then asks who it was that gave him the hundred. “You did, sir, last week.” (Esquire)

Amazing. That rules, and you know it. Sinatra had style. Additionally, the story is that few people (if anyone) ever saw him yawn. “Be alert,” he always told his daughter. He was an avid napper and got most of his energy from short naps throughout the day despite staying up all hours of the night. Also, if he didn’t like something he would let people know. “I won’t tolerate certain things, like being crowded into corners and not enough ice in the drink” he once said. If he heard the word nigger he exploded or walked away. He was offended by foul-mouthed women and any man who uses abusive language around women. Also, if you compliment him, he will change the subject. He could not be pushed. “Don’t tell me–suggest,” he one said.

The characteristics of Sinatra warrant an entire article, and books were written about his life in general–not even including the music! Needless to say, he was an incredible singer and musical talent, and he enjoyed huge successes throughout his life. Elton John stated that Sinatra “was simply the best–no one even comes close.” Strong words from an equally-talented musician. He died from complications with dementia in 1998, and the Empire State Building turned its lights blue for the night and the Las Vegas Strip blacked out for 10 minutes in his honor.