• SumoMe

So May is officially over, and Summer is here. Before it gets too hot in July, there are still plenty of days left to go cruising around to snow cone stands around town. June is about summer break, having fun outside by the water, and turning up the volume. With that in mind, I bring you the June playlist.

1. Eternal Summers: Millions

This new track from Eternal Summers is a great high-energy way to put the pedal to the metal and put everything in your rear-view mirror.

2. The Walkmen: Heaven

The Walkmen pick up where Eternal Summers left off and crank up the reverberated guitar sound. Their new track “Heaven” is catchy and a true summertime tune.

3. Lotus Plaza: Monoliths

When I listen to this track I want to lay on my back and watch the cloudless summer sky while I drink lemonade and catch some rays. Lotus Plaza keeps summer alive with this dreamy-rock vibe.

4. Ty Segall & White Fence: I Am not a Game

But we shouldn’t spend all our time driving around and watching the clouds, sometimes we need to get the band back together and jam out in the garage. This track is catchy, while at the same time going in directions you never expect–a true summer jam.

5. Spiritualized: Hey Jane

To wrap it all up, we have a dreamy garage band that sounds a bit like a cleaner Velvet Underground. “Hey Jane” does a great job of wrapping up the June attitude, ending with an almost choir-like anthem towards the end.

What are you listening to this June? Add it to the playlist in the comments below.