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The Fendermen

“Mule Skinner Blues”

When Jim Sundquist and Phil Humphrey met as students at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1950s, they became friends and ultimately formed a two-man band which they called “The Fendermen” because, well, they both played Fender guitars. They connected their instruments to the same amplifier, and it really creates a rich sound that almost sounds like they have a bassist playing alongside them.

These two instruments were the only ones used in their recording of “Mule Skinner Blues,” which proved their only real hit in 1960. In fact, they actually appeared on American Bandstand a single time to perform the song.

Shortly after this, in 1961, the band parted ways and never performed together again. Their single LP is very rare and considered by vinyl enthusiasts to be one of the most collectible records ever. Jim continued on to form many other bands and solo acts, even calling one ensemble “The Mule Skinners” after his hit song. This recording is a great piece of Americana and rockabilly history.