• SumoMe

This 5-song playlist was created with the transition from spring into summer in mind, and the really hot days with cool nights that you look forward to in order to escape the heat. These mostly dreamy tracks should serve as the background music for your own transition into the relentless heat of the summer:

1. Mr. Little Jeans: Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover)

I’m usually not huge into covers, but I’ll make an exception for this Arcade Fire cover by Mr. Little Jeans. The track definitely does justice to an already amazing song, and gets close to topping it.

2. Labyrinth Ear: Goya

This dreamy track by Labyrinth Ear came out in February of this year, and its a great one to sip your morning coffee to. I love what goes on in the background of this track, as it seems like there are about three self-sustaining beats going on at once–a great mix of sounds that isn’t too disjointed.

3.Vacationer: Trip

For those early summer days when you’ve still got exams, but the weather is great out and you really just need to take a trip. Vacationer captures the feeling in this thoughtful and down tempo track.

4. New Navy: Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)

New Navy does a really great job of incorporating some Zimbabwe sounds into this track while still maintaining their own beats and outer space themes. Their style is their own, and it certainly does make for some great late night music.

5. OhDaughter: Home

After you’ve traveled with Vacationer and New Navy, OhDaughter gives you the song to go home to. This track has a longing homesick feeling, and is a really great track for driving home for summer break. The echoes are mysterious and intriguing, leaving you wanting to hear more from the band.

What is on your May playlist? Discuss your favorite spring-to-summer songs in the comments below.