• SumoMe

Rocky Mountain Shave Co. is known for its great products with bizarre ingredients, and this soap is no exception. Readers should already be familiar with RMSC’s IPA shave soap, so the fact that this soap is made from homebrew hefeweissen should come as no surprise. What makes it truly unique is the real pieces of orange peel preserved in there for their exfoliating qualities.

As usual with RMSC, the best thing about this soap is its smell. You won’t find any unnatural added scents added here, just wheat and a bit of citrus from the orange peels to leave you smelling manly and feeling fresh. Another great thing about fewer additives in the soap is its universal use. While I wouldn’t use it on my face (face skin is more sensitive), you can use this as hand soap or body soap for the shower. I tried it both ways, and it worked like a dream. It doesn’t dry out your skin and it doesn’t make you smell like a still life painting.

Another great quality is this soap (like everything at RMSC) is handmade, so you can tell that Jake put his own sweat into the soap (not literally!) and that means a lot more to me than opening some soap with a perfectly rounded edge that says “Inspected by Robot 1038.”

If you’re looking for a great manly handmade soap for a really reasonable price, I’d strongly suggest RMSC’s Hefeweissen soap. Don’t forget that you can save 10% with coupon code “egent,” to sweeten the deal.

Have you used this soap before? Do you have any questions about it? Let’s talk in the comments below.