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If there’s one thing that always excites me about this blog, it’s when someone sends me volume powder. When I first realized this existed, I was blown away. Science! American Crew was the best in the biz for me, mainly because they were the first I tried. Well, gentlemen, Lock Stock & Barrel is setting all sorts of records for hair care around these parts.

A view of the powder inside the can. (Click to enlarge)

The powder in my hand. (Click to enlarge)

What’s amazing about this product is how it has the consistency of flour, but the main ingredient in the product is water. It’s basically almost entirely water. Because of that quality, it becomes liquid almost immediately when it touches you because of your body heat. No, when you put it in your hair it won’t make your hair wet–it’s not that much water. Additionally, much like the other volume powder I’ve used, it is remarkably cold to the touch. Not sure why, but it entertains me to no end.

Once I got over my initial excitement, it was time to put it to the test. In order to get a fresh start, I washed my hair out and dried it in order to “reset” my hair from work. Once I had a blank canvas to perform my LS&B Michelangelo magic, I sprinkled a small amount of this at the base of my hair, near the scalp. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the cap on the bottle is much better for doing this than the American Crew product because the LS&B powder comes out of a single point, and American Crew comes out like a salt shaker. This made the product much more effective because I could put it where I wanted it.

I rubbed my fingers around to liquefy the powder, and I could tell it was making a huge difference. I attained a very natural volume look almost instantly. I paired it up with a dose of the LS&B clay in order to get the full effect (pictured below).

I'm sorry you had to see my mug. (Click to enlarge, but please remove any children from the room)

Overall, I think this is something I would use consistently with the clay. While the clay is great on its own, the power’s soft hold makes the clay’s stronger hold much easier to manage because the powder is a good precursor to the bigger guns.

Lock Stock & Barrel’s volume power destroys American Crew’s, I have to say. It is better by any metric you compare them, and the powder pairs better with Lock’s products much more seamlessly than American Crew’s products.

I know many of you might be skeptical to pay around $30 for a jar of powder made mostly of water. If someone put it that way, I’d be skeptical too. But if you ever really need some professional-quality hair (note: my hair in the example is not professional-quality, but just an example) for a formal event or any time you need to make a good impression for a special occasion, this little jar can really help you out.

Do you have any specific questions or comments about this product? Let’s talk hair volume in the comments below.