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The Better Half is a no-holds-barred question and answer session with Maria, the resident expert on all things from a woman’s point of view. Maria answers all types of questions related to men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, interests, and advice on maintaining the mantra: happy wife, happy life. Maria is a sassy, organized, and accomplished 20-something bibliophile with a Master’s degree who knows a thing or two about improving the lives of men. 

If you have a burning question that you want answered, go ahead and ask Maria.

Q:   “How old is too old for girls to accept skateboarding?
– Nate R. from Los Angeles

A:   Personally, I don’t believe that hobbies have an age limit. As long as it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone, then feel free to skateboard until you’re a wrinkly old man. Any girl that takes issue with your preferred mode of physical activity on the grounds that it’s immature is probably too superficial to begin with.

That being said, as with anything, it’s definitely possible to overdo it. I’d be interested to know why the lady in your life doesn’t accept you skateboarding. My guess is that there’s a bigger issue involved. Does she feel like you’re ignoring her to go skateboarding with your bros? (She’s probably lonely). Do you expect her to sit there for hours to watch you try and perfect a certain move? (She’s probably incredibly bored). Do you talk about skateboarding 24/7? (Again, she’s probably crying on the inside with boredom).  Are you shirking off your personal and professional responsibilities to go skateboarding? (This is only OK if you’re a jet-setting, millionaire, professional  skateboarder.)

Here’s the thing–skateboarding isn’t exactly a hobby that two people can do together. If she isn’t a skateboarder herself, then the only way she can hang out with you is to sit on the sidelines and watch. Who wants to do that? Would you want to sit with her all day while she tried on shoes? Probably not. Try to find some shared interests you can do together. Talk to your lady friend and find out what’s really bothering her. Chances are that skateboarding isn’t the real problem here.

 Q:   “My girlfriend gets upset because of the frequency I wear sandals. If I wore thong sandals every day I would understand it, but I always wear nice leather sandals. What gives? Why is she so turned off by my love for sandals?”
– Matthew P. from Seattle

A:   I consider myself a pretty flexible and easy-going girl, but I totally get where your girlfriend is coming from. Sandals are almost never attractive on men, and dude feet are usually really unpleasant to look at. (No offense men, but your feet aren’t pretty!) Thong sandals look sloppy, and leather sandals can easily make you look like an overgrown man-child.

I associate sandals with children and old men- neither of which I assume you want to be. I’m not even a huge fan of sandals on women- (nice leather sandals are ok, but should only be worn if one has a pedicure). Instead of wearing sandals all the time, switch to a nice, casual pair of Sperry Topsiders or Keds. Both are comfortable and classic. Your sandals should ONLY be worn to the pool or beach–nowhere else. No exceptions.