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The Better Half is a no-holds-barred question and answer session with Maria, the resident expert on all things from a woman’s point of view. Maria answers all types of questions related to men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, interests, and advice on maintaining the mantra: happy wife, happy life. Maria is a sassy, organized, and accomplished 20-something bibliophile with a Master’s degree who knows a thing or two about improving the lives of men. Maria also writes her own blog, called Forever in Pearls.

If you have a burning question that you want answered, go ahead and ask Maria.

Q:   What do girls think of knit ties? Only a summer thing, or are they never ok?
– Randy J. from Chicago

A:   Knit ties are sort of an anomaly. I like the idea of them in theory, but few men actually know how to dress appropriately with a knit tie. The squared-off end might seem strange at first glance, but they can be pulled off if the rest of your outfit coordinates. You’re correct to assume that they should only be worn in the summer- a knit tie gives off a laid-back attitude most appropriate for those warmer months. If you’re into this look, pick a tie in a classic color- red, navy, hunter or kelly green or gold (or a striped combination of those colors). For casual settings, pair your tie up with a pair of light colored chinos or critter shorts and an oxford cloth button down. For more formal or business settings, stick to light colored or navy suits. And never wear anything black if you’re wearing a knit tie- black is way too formal for something this “fun.” Land’s End and The Tie Bar sell knit ties in classic colors at good prices.

Q:   Super serious problem: my lady-friend and I are 100% unable to come up with mutually acceptable pizza toppings. I can’t stand hers, she can’t stand mine. I need a way to fix this.
– Justin T. from Boston

A: Get calzones instead. You each get your own, with your preferred toppings. Problem solved.

An aside to my readers: Don’t forget! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th this year. Start thinking of ways to show your mom how much she means to you.