• SumoMe

As a counterpart to the boost powder, American Crew produced the boost cream which serves the same purpose but gives more control over the hair while providing volume. Used in tandem, these two boost products should lift the hair from the scalp and give the hair more volume than a styling product alone.

What is great about this product is how conspicuous its usage is–you can’t feel it in your hair at all. This is great for guys who prefer the natural look, but don’t expect to use this and slick your hair back; that’s simply not what it’s used for. However, if you like your hair to blow in the wind without getting messed up (as I do) then this boost cream will work wonders for you.

The downside is that because it has a low hold, it won’t last you as long as their forming cream (which lasts until you want to wash it out) if your hair is taking a beating from the wind, hats, exercise, or excessive noogies. However, for guys who are in an office or class all day, its longevity should be just fine.

When I first applied the product, the first thing I noticed was how light it was. The cream’s consistency is less than a soap, but more than an oil–if that makes sense. I applied it just like I would any other hair product, except that I focused more on my scalp than normal so that the boost formula can have the chance to do its thing.

If you’re looking for a really natural hair product that will give you the right balance between look and feel, I strongly recommend this product. I suggest you visit the American Crew website to learn more, and then pick some up and try it out for yourself.

Have you used American Crew’s boost cream before? What are your thoughts? Do you have any specific questions about the product? It all goes in the comments below.