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Taun Small Batch Men’s Skin Care is a new product from a new brand specially-formulated to fight wrinkles and age lines in men. While ‘fighting wrinkles’ may be low in priority on the list of many men, Taun has additional benefits as a moisturizer to make your skin brighter and fresher. As I’m only 25, I can’t speak to the former use. However, I can completely confirm the latter.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the product is the density. This tiny jar packs a huge punch because you need so very little of the product to spread generously. In fact, I used the excess portion on the lid for about a week straight without ever touching the formula in the jar. One jar should last you about 45 days with daily use, which is great.

Once I applied it to my skin, it soaked in almost immediately without sitting on my skin for a long period of time. I’ve used some products that tend to linger on the surface of the skin for a long time, which usually results in portions getting wiped off inadvertently. Not so with Taun, because this stuff immediately gets to work. This product is really a jack of all trades–wrinkles, dryness, and dullness are all subject to a smack down.

What is most notable about Taun is how co-founder Tom Devine designed the product:

We specifically designed our special Facial Repair Formula with men in mind, understanding that more and more men are under extreme stress earlier in their lives and are therefore showing premature signs of aging.

Tom passed the New York bar, and reached out to me, perhaps because of our membership in the law school brotherhood. I’ve put his product specifically to the test as a law student (which involves a significant amount of stress at times), including my under-eye bags. This process is one that I’m documenting, but will be a tough case to crack (terrible pun) because so much of the cause of under-eye bags is a lack of sleep and excessive eye strain, which means the problem is much deeper than wrinkles.

Meanwhile, I will continue to use this great product daily as a moisturizer and overall skin improvement method.

Head over to Taun’s store to learn more about the product.