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Over the past six months I’ve featured some really great grooming products on the website. Each one has its own defining characteristic, and each company has its own defining goal and purpose. It only makes sense to create a compilation of what makes each product so unique.

Ursa Major

Stellar Shave Cream: great smelling but not overly-fragranced to the point of drying your skin out, this shave cream leaves your face better than new.

Fantastic Face Wash: the root of magic potions that turns humans into bears, this face wash is the epitome of “natural” and makes you feel like you’ve been on an extremely clean camping trip.


Chapped Skin Remedy: a steel shield used against old man winter, this unscented hand cream is a no-nonsense attack on cracked and bleeding knuckles so they can go back to cracking and bleeding from chopping all that wood, rather than just being cold.

American Crew

Forming Cream: the solid workhorse of my cabinet, the forming cream gives the perfect amount of hold without turning you into a Jersey Shore extra.

Boost Powder: like something from a distant planet, this powder’s ethereal quality gives you a surprisingly-large amount of volume without any hint it’s actually in your hair.

Shave Oil: going on and coming off smoothly, this shave gel is a great choice for anyone who dislikes foams or lathers and wants a light shave that still gets the job done.

Recovery Shampoo: making Repunzel eat her heart out, this shampoo will make your hair stronger than an ox (and smell better too) to combat hair loss.

Urth Skincare for Men

Scrub: packing a punch to your dead skin cells, this scrub removes all the dirt and grime that sits on and in your skin to give you a blank canvas for shaving or moisturizing.

Shave Formula: basically a jar of gold, using this shave formula is basically equivalent to shaving with gold flakes and kittens on your face, leaving your skin super smooth.

Hydra Therapy: like an overworked intern, this hydra therapy continues to work for you all night long while you sleep, greatly reducing the amount of work you have in conditioning your skin.

Face Wash: because everyone has to wash, this face wash cleans out your pores and removes surface oils to leave your face squeaky clean.

Face Balm: performing double duties, this face balm both polishes your skin to perfection and protects you from sunburn with its SPF 15 sun block (don’t worry, it doesn’t make you smell like the beach).

Thank you to all the fine people at these wonderful companies who worked with me to make these reviews possible. If your company would like a review on Electrogent, simply head to the contact page and let’s talk.

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