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Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade is very much the real deal when it comes to keeping your hair under control without turning your hair into a bronze sculpture. Grant’s is a small company based out of Seattle owned and founded by Grant himself. Grant was originally a consumer of water-based pomades for many years, but he thought he could do better, so he went out and made his own. After 10 formula tries over several years, Grant’s pomade was perfected and launched in 2009, just in time for the recession. Despite this, Grant’s Golden Brand is known for its respect towards customers and their ability to make something out of nothing.

This pomade is great for a number of reasons: the hold lasts all day no matter what you’re doing, it’s super easy to remold your hair with a wet comb if you want to start over, it washes off easily with water (but not with sweat–I tested it), it’s made in the U.S.A., and Grant’s offers you top-notch customer service.

The pomade that Grant sent me was from their “Royal Hawaiian” line, and it’s very aptly named. As soon as you crack open the jar, you experience a cacophony of island scents–fruits, the beach, and water. It’s absolutely wonderful, but if you’re into unscented products this is not for you. Don’t worry though, it’s not prohibitively aromatic. The hold is strong but still allows your hair to flow in the wind, and gives a light sheen to the hair. The balance between sheen and hold is great, as sometimes products have a tendency to lean too far one way or the other.

What’s great about this pomade is the versatility. Some products are one-trick ponies, meaning you can only super gel your hair into a very one-dimensional way. Grant’s Golden Brand lets your hands do whatever you want with your hair. Want to slick it back? Done. Want to part it and give some bangs? Done. Want to simply apply it to keep your hair from looking like you just woke up? You can do that too. As I mentioned before, if you want to change your style up during the day, simply wet a comb and get after it. The water-based quality is great for starting over and won’t require that you use some crazy acid to melt the product out of your hair.

If you’re looking for a hair product to become your everyday staple in your bathroom, look no further than the simple yet effective Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade.

Pick up some Grant’s over at The Motley.