• SumoMe

First of all, as a disclaimer, I’m lucky enough to be 25 and still have a mostly full head of hair. Sure, my hairline is receding, but not to the point where I’m going to need to use hair recovery products on the regular. Additionally, I used this shampoo daily for two months and my before and after pictures are identical–probably not on a failure of the product, but rather a triumph of my hair genetics.

However, while I couldn’t find much use of this shampoo as part of a Rogaine-esque hair recovery system, I could notice that fewer of my hairs fell out during the couple months I used this. An increase in hair strength was definitely attributable to this product, and I suppose that’s step one for any hair recovery system–keep what you’ve got. I also very much liked how this product paired with my daily hair product, as it tore through that stuff like butter and made it easy in that regard.

The shampoo is mostly unscented, which is good for me because I’d rather have an unscented shampoo than a shampoo that makes my hair smell like roses but is chock full of chemicals to dry my hair out. There’s definitely no drying out with this shampoo, as it worked well to build hair strength.

This product is one of a long line of hair recovery products from American Crew, and I’m continually playing with the others from the big box they sent me. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts of those as I use them.

Have you use this product before? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.