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Deeply moisturizes your skin overnight.

We spend about 50 hours a week sleeping. That’s basically an entire work week with some overtime. Until I discovered urth’s Hydra Therapy solution, I never knew how well I could use this time to improve the condition of my skin.

Matt from The Motley stated that this is his favorite product in his interview, so I knew that I was in for a treat when I used this. About three weeks ago, I opened this bottle and the first thing that hit me (like all the urth skincare products) was the great smell. It’s full of rich and natural smells like seaweed and tea that are way better than any perfumed product.

I dipped my fingers in there and the consistency is sort of like a jelly. It’s kind of cold, even at room temperature, but after a warm shower it feels great. I dabbed a spot on each cheek, my forehead, and my chin. Then I rubbed it in and went to bed. What is easier than that?

When I woke up the first morning, I didn’t notice a whole big difference, but I wasn’t expecting a total turnaround after one use. However, after one week of continual use and every other day application after that, I can without a doubt say that this product rocks. Not only is my skin not as oily throughout the day (a problem I have), but my skin is visibly clearer and cleaner by default. I no longer have to treat my skin and fix problem areas when they crop up because urth’s Hydra Therapy is a preventative measure to make sure that your skin has minimal problems.

As with all urth products, their Hydra Therapy is totally natural so it won’t mess up your skin or dry it out with harsh chemicals. If you’re looking to turn your skin around and achieve the optimal amount of moisturizing without oily residue, look no further than urth skincare’s Hydra Therapy.

Learn more about urth skincare’s Hydra Therapy and pick up a bottle over at The Motley.