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Yo-Yo Ma


Yes, Yo-Yo Ma made a bluegrass album. Yes, it rules. Yo-Yo Ma is one of the most famous cellists of the modern age, certainly of those living. Known mostly for his extremely wide musical range reaching classical formal pieces, to avant garde styles, to even bluegrass.

What I love most about Yo-Yo Ma is how he simply enjoys what he does. Most musicians will tell you they enjoy making music more than anything in the world, and that’s probably true. However, I rarely watch someone play with such vigor and zest as Yo-Yo Ma while retaining a huge smile before and after the piece. Yo-Yo Ma simply enjoys making music with his friends, and to me, it’s just as pure and unadulterated as the guys in the barbershop.

Listing his awards or his discography is a ridiculous task, as his 7 year old “recitals” were for the U.S. President. Needless to say, he’s basically amazing in all his work, no matter how strange or difficult, and that’s just a fact.

Take a listen to the featured song and soak in his enjoyment of playing the songs on this album. Also worth noting are his friends–Chris Thile of Nickel Creek, Grammy winner Stuart Duncan, and Edgar Meyer also of Nickel Creek and bassist for many notable headliners.