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Possessed by Paul James

Live from Colorado

Some musicians only make music that sounds good on recordings. Konrad Wert, more commonly known as Possessed by Paul James, is not one of those musicians. In fact, he’s the direct opposite. The only way to fully experience Wert is in person.

I have reservations with this week’s Tuesday Tunesday featuring Possessed by Paul James because I was unable to find a video that does him any sort of justice. His featured live set is a good example of the wide array of his sounds, but nothing compares to actually standing in a room he’s playing in.

South Austinite Wert is his own one-man band, and unlike most one-man band musicians, he plays with such vigor and controlled chaos that his songs hit you like waves of folk history and deep rock balled into one. This isn’t entirely present in the featured video, but examples of his seeming possession abound (another great example).

Some, who have not experienced Wert in person, will look at those videos and say how silly it looks. True, it looks silly. But if you think music is only about what the musician looks or acts like, that person will not like many of these Tuesday Tunesday bits. If you think music is about unbridled passion, pure joy, and personal expression–then consider Konrad Wert your prophet. I’ve never met another person who saw a Possessed by Paul James set, in person, who commented it was either boring, uninspiring, or not their cup of tea. Granted, most of my friends like similar things in life. However, the point still stands.

In the words of Dusted Magazine: “If this guy performs within 500 miles of you, start planning the road trip.”