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This is the third video in The Motley‘s Men of Distinction series. The film features Ruben Hughes, the creative director for Two Inch Cuffs. The biggest reason I am so interested in these films is that they shed insight into what inspires young men to get out and create. Ruben offers some useful advice in this regard:

When it comes to inspiration, I pick up on a lot of things around me. I love the water, I love the ocean, I love yachting, and I love music because everything is fashion. With what we do, I’ve learned a lot just because I’m not sitting at a desk all day. It’s online, but at the same time we’re out and about all the time; and I think that you learn a lot because this is not a classroom. Someone’s not sitting there telling you how to do your job. You’re making a lot of mistakes, and in the process you’re learning a lot.

Ruben’s message here mirrors a lot of what this website is about. Finding inspiration in everything around you and learning from failure are two of the most important elements of finding success in life. I always find it refreshing to find young men making their way in this modern world when so many fail to thrive, for whatever reason.

A hat tip to the nice people at The Motley, who always create quality films.

What do you think? What messages did Ruben give you? Speak your mind in the comments below.