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The Motley presents the second video in a series about great men who are pioneering entrepreneurs in their area of work. Jean-Claude Homawoo is a recent Harvard Business School graduate who launched a brand new project called Lineby. According to The Motley, Lineby is “a new startup helping bloggers turn their sartorial skills into limited edition fashions.” The project is so new that I was only able to get on the waitlist when I tried to check it out. From what I understand, Lineby allows fashion bloggers to create their own clothing based on their specifications. How exactly Homawoo facilitates this is something I don’t know yet. In his words:

Fashion bloggers are a huge trend, and we really think they are changing the way people view the fashion industry. So, just like celebrities before them, bloggers now really have the type of influence and reach that a variety of brands are hoping to leverage. What we’re trying to do is go a step further than that and not just take a blogger and stick them on a preexisting product and try and push that. We really give the bloggers an opportunity to really create the piece themselves.

This is an extremely interesting idea, and I would have no idea how to turn this idea into a business model. Then again, I didn’t go to Harvard Business School.

Homawoo’s calm demeanor and level-headed approach to achieve his goal is really the best part about this video. Not only does he have a brand new idea, he has the burden of creating an entire paradigm, and he’s not phased in the least. The Motley does a great job with these videos, and I can’t wait to see the next one. We also covered the release of the first video, which is also worth the watch.

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