• SumoMe

Now, I love J.Crew just as much as the next person. They are a great source for timeless, good quality clothing that will last a significant amount of time. However, because I pinch every penny when it comes to buying clothing, I often use J.Crew as a source of inspiration, rather than a source of purchasing. In fact, as I type this article, I’m wearing an identical blue checkered gingham that I found for $15 instead of the J.Crew price of $60.

I recently turned the big 2-5 and my girlfriend gave me a watch for my birthday that she knew I was toying with about buying. I already have a functioning watch that I like very much, but it was a bit formal for everyday use (leather banded Kenneth Cole), and I didn’t want to spend the money on a second watch just because my watch was too formal (I told you I’m a penny pincher). The watch I wanted (pictured right) was directly inspired by a watch I saw on the J.Crew website (pictured left), and for a fraction of the cost. The comparison between these two watches is all over the menswear blogs because the J.Crew watch is so attractive that to have a cheap alternative that looks basically the same as the “original” is fantastic.

What I first noticed about the Timex version is how great the simple design is. Simplicity goes a long way for me, especially in watches. I like to have the ability to quickly tell the time without looking past other hands on the watch telling me information I don’t care about. Additionally, the face of the watch is a really nice cream color (you can’t tell that in the photo in this article because I edited the color of the photo to try and match the J.Crew photo) that looks great with the soft green band. You can also buy lots of band colors to change it up, and all of them will match the face of the watch. The red second hand is a nice touch of color to give the watch a subtle pop of color without getting too obnoxious. Lastly, the watch has a back light so you won’t have trouble telling time in the dark, although the J.Crew has glowing hands.

The only subtle differences I can tell without physically inspecting the J.Crew watch is the second markings are different lengths, the watch hands are different sizes, the number markings are different, and the number fonts are slightly different (compare the number 3 on each watch). To some people, these differences are possibly worth the extra money. However, I am not “some people.”

Both watches demonstrate a very attractive type of watch for everyday use, and both are great options if you’re looking for a simple and classic watch that has the potential to match anything you own. The only remaining determination is whether you want to pay $150 or $40. I’ll let you make up your mind on that one.