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Electrogent version 2.0

When I started this website just three months ago, I had no idea it what it would become. I’m still not entirely sure what’s around the corner for this website. My only goal here is/was to create regular content and let the rest of the details work themselves out.

After multiple companies mailed me products, I knew that I could make something of this website–that people received what transmitted. I’m still very proud of everything about this website, and I can’t wait to help it grow over time.

As such, I hereby introduce Electrogent version 2. The old colors, logos, and cluttered layouts are out–a streamlined, monochrome, and overall more intuitive layout is in.

I’ve also scoured the internet for an interesting logo to use–something in the public domain, of course (because the coffers are low). I came across this stag and instantly loved it. Taken from a book published in 1909, this digitized version has great lines and the right amount of simplicity for me.

The most exciting feature about version 2 is the grid feature. When viewing the home page, you have two options–view recent stories as a list or a grid. A list is the traditional blog format with a featured image and some preview text. The grid option shows just the featured images, and is a fun way to browse recent stories–just click an image that intrigues you!

However, this transition is not without it’s bugs. Since the “featured images” in the old layout are significantly smaller than on version 2, they will appear a little blurry until you view the actual article (where they appear as before). This is a problem I will seek to remedy, but I’m in the midst of law school finals right now and my free time is limited. On the flip side, larger images in version 2 will create a more exciting and dynamic feel to the website, as opposed to smaller icon-sized snoozers.

Electrogent is young now, but soon I will work out any bugs, expand the breadth of content, and rumble right along.

Come along, won’t you?